What Are Some Specialty Chemicals Examples?

What Are Some Specialty Chemicals Examples?

What Are Some Specialty Chemicals Examples? 

Specialty chemicals examples are substances that are utilized for certain purposes and distributed with great care in low volumes. These substances can only be purchased by those with a specific brand licensing, unavailable directly to your average consumer. It is because of this that they are heavily sought after and used by a multitude of industries. Some examples of these specific substances are: 

  • Pesticides 
  • Antibiotics  
  • Adhesives  


Pesticides are intricately designed to preserve agriculture and the various crops it provides. It does this by extinguishing or deterring harmful life forms that threaten these crops or carry diseases to taint them. Three of these harmful life forms include: 

  • Certain Plants 
  • Rodents 
  • Insects 

Four types of these agricultural protectors are: 

  • Ovicides (made to destroy the eggs of insects and mites)  
  • Rodenticides (made to extinguish as well as control rodents and mice) 
  • Repellents (designed to repel various animals away from crops) 
  • Herbicides (specialized to destroy harmful plants) 


Antibiotics are derived from or made by living organisms. They are created to inhibit and improve the makeup of other living organisms, such as humans and plants. 

Four kinds of antibiotics include:  

  • Nitrofurantoin (used to treat urinary infections) 
  • Penicillin (used to treat various infections) 
  • Sulfonamides (used for bacterial infections in both humans and animals) 
  • Macrolides (used for multiple bacterial infections) 


Adhesives are defined through their holding together of material by resisting separation in their attachment.  

Four types of adhesives are: 

  • Protein  
  • Starch 
  • Bee Wax 
  • Flour Paste 

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