Surfactant Suppliers

Surfactant Suppliers

You see all these products, cars, tables, furniture, clothes, and wonder, “isn’t it weird that everything needs to be cleaned, but we can’t really use the same soap for all of these, what would happen if I washed my clothes with the same product for my car?” Well, I’ll tell you what would happen, you would ruin your clothes, and that’s about it unless you look at the big picture.

With the bleached clothes aside, there is a product that all of our cleaners have, the surfactant! The surfactant is a chemical compound that can come in many variations such as 91-6, NP9, N94, N95, and the list goes on. The surfactant has many properties making it an ideal cleaner, it’s a wetting agent that helps keep the surface covered with liquids, especially water, the dispersing capability makes sure the soap covers all the parts with the water, and the foaming agent makes sure the soap is applied for a long time, reaching all the nooks and crannies.

How Well Do Surfactants Clean?

The surfactants are a perfect cleaner, they will clean almost anything, and they have a few bonuses too. The degreasing effect can reduce friction between the surface and unwanted residue(oil, dirt, and gunk)in all compartments, so no wonder it’s so good for cars. The surfactants don’t just clean, they can also offer support in disasters. In oil spills, surfactants are used to combat the spilled oil around the affected area, and can also help the affected animals, isolating them from the oil.

Physical Aspects of Surfactants

The physical aspects vary from variations of surfactants, so don’t expect nonylphenol N95 to have the same properties as Tomadol 91-6. The surfactants are all liquid compounds, with a clear color(some whitish hue is expected). The compounds can be detrimental to human health so no contact should take place. The HMS regards the product with low scale qualities, Flammability-1, Health Hazard- 2 to 3, Instability-1, Physical Hazard – 1. The fire shouldn’t be a problem as long as it’s out of the way.

The product’s regulatory requirements are like any other compound, it should be disposed of according to the state and national guidelines. The waste product should not hold any issues, as surfactants are very eco-friendly and some variations of surfactants degrade over 60% in less than 10 days after use.

Now the surfactants are an up and coming product being used all across America. It’s a modern chemical that is used for various purposes, so it helps in increasing efficiency, and since less of it is being used, there’s a decrease in waste & energy. Its place in the manufacturing industry is huge, I only scratched the surface of what the surfactant can really do.

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