Surfactant Suppliers

Surfactant Suppliers

Surfactants are defined by their ability to increase the properties of liquids by lowering their surface tensions. These abilities allow for them to be utilized for an abundance of industrial applications. Surfactant suppliers, such as ourselves, aim to supply these substances efficiently. In this blog, you will learn all you need to know about these versatile chemicals. 

What Are Surfactants? 

Before we can discuss them further, we must fully define what they are. These substances, also known as surface active agents, are not designed equally. They are instead classified into four types. These four types are regarded as: 

  • Amphoteric: is used in paints and latex products for swift drying. 
  • Cationic: is used in antifungal and antibacterial to disturb the cell membrane of germs. 
  • Anionic: is used as a wetting agent to emulsify dirt and various impurities. 
  • Nonionic: is used as a wetting agent and is present in a variety of liquid products. 

Each of these types specializes in these uses and qualities. It is important to know which surfactant is best for the application or applications you wish to perform. 

What Can They Do? 

These diverse and effective substances, depending on their type, can contribute to a multitude of applications. These substances can act as a cleaning agent to remove unwanted elements from surfaces such as dirt. They also can be utilized as lubricants such as shaving cream and for car engines.  

These applications are performed daily and could not be accomplished without these substances.  

What We Have To Offer 

We here at Ecolink offer two surfactants for all of your industrial needs, they are listed as BroSurf N95/NP9 and Surfactant 91-6. Both of these are designed to not only aid you in your industrial tasks but also to be eco-conscious. Their environmentally friendly compositions benefit both your industry as well as the environment. They prevent negative overexposure as well as the health risks associated with it, such as Surfactant Dysfunction- a chemically induced lung disease. These products will ensure both your success and safety. 

Looking To Purchase Some Surfactants? 

Then look no further than us here at BulkChemicals2Go. Here we are dedicated to supplying you with high-quality and eco-friendly chemicals for all of your industrial requirements. Feel free to look not only through the products mentioned but others here. Please contact us today for any questions or concerns about a purchase. We are here to help!