What are Aqueous Cleaning Solutions?

What are Aqueous Cleaning Solutions?

Aqueous Cleaning Solutions Definition

Aqueous cleaning solutions are simply cleaning agents that are water-based. More specifically, they are generally comprised of at least 95% water, and less than 5% VOCs (volatile organic compounds). They are often used as an alternative to solvent-based cleaning solutions. But why choose an aqueous cleaning solution over one that is solvent-based? That is what this blog post will discuss. If you want to discover the advantages that aqueous cleaning solutions have to offer, read on!

Benefits of Aqueous Cleaning Solutions

  • Eco-Friendly

As mentioned previously, aqueous cleaning solutions are low VOC. What, exactly, does VOC mean? VOCs are substances that evaporate into the air at room temperature. This trait is detrimental to the environment, as these vapors often contain dangerous chemicals that can contribute to air pollution. Many solvent-based solutions consist of VOCs. Conversely, aqueous cleaning solutions contain very little to no VOCs. Therefore, they are more environmentally friendly, and this disadvantageous feature of solvent-based cleaning solutions is not an issue.

  • Safer for Human Health

Aqueous cleaning solutions are not only better for the health of the environment- they are better for human health as well. The gases that VOCs emit usually have a strong odor. These odors can cause headaches, eye irritation, respiratory system irritation, nausea, and a host of other health problems. Even without all of these hazards, chemicals with strong odors are simply a nuisance to work with! However, aqueous cleaning solutions are low-odor or no-odor, eliminating this problem and making them safer to use than many solvent-based cleaning solutions.

  • Can be Substituted for Solvent-Based Cleaners

Finally, another great feature of aqueous cleaning solutions is that they are easily substituted for solvent-based cleaners in many situations. Solvent-based cleaners are volatile and have a greater reactivity than water. Therefore, they are more reactive than most aqueous cleaning solutions, so substituting a solvent-based cleaner for an aqueous cleaning solution may lead to an unexpected or dangerous reaction. However, this is not a concern when substituting aqueous cleaners for solvent-based cleaners. Given the fact that they are less reactive than solvent-based solutions, it is unlikely that aqueous solutions will produce unwanted reactions.

Where to Purchase Aqueous Cleaning Solutions

Now that you have learned about these amazing benefits that aqueous cleaning solutions have to offer, you may be wondering where you should purchase one. BulkChemicals2Go is the answer! We offer aqueous cleaning solutions that are perfect for industrial use, such as our water-based surfactant Brosurf N95/NP9. If you are wondering which of our solutions would be best for your needs, or have any other questions, our team of chemists would be happy to help you. Please contact us here!