Exxon Isopar™ M – 55 Gallon Drum

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Exxon Isopar™ M is most commonly used as a solvent used in many refinery solutions, but should be used in well-ventilated areas!

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Safety Data Sheet

Exxon Isopar M, also known as Isopar M Fluid, is a mildly scented liquid that consists of isoalkanes, alkanes, and cycloalkanes. Generally used as a solvent, it is combined with hydrogen and is mostly petroleum-based. As a solvent, it is also utilized in different manufacturing processes, like metalworking, and as a cleaning agent. This chemical is mostly used by professional consumers and industrial companies. Interestingly, Exxon Isopar M is not sold publicly for general consumer use, even though it is added to some consumer products.


  • No odor
  • Low aromatic levels
  • Minimal acute/chronic toxicity
  • No negative environmental effects
  • Low viscosity
  • Available worldwide


Exxon Isopar M should only be utilized in properly ventilated areas and is mainly used in refinery solutions.

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