SASOL LPA 170 CAS – No. 64742-47-8 55 – Gallon Drum

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SASOL LPA 170 is an excellent solvent as a result of its lower paraffin levels. It combines isoparaffins and naphthenes that are hydrotreated.


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LPA 170 is composed of isoparaffin and naphthenic that were hydrotreated, with minimal aromatic levels. This solvent is ideal due to its low freezing point, which can be attributed to its low levels of paraffin. The solvent is colorless, has a mild odor, and has an intermediate flashpoint.


  • Versatility
  • Excellent strength as a solvent
  • Minimal aromatic levels


  • Consumer products
  • Formulations of pesticides
  • Oils for lubrication
  • Chemical processing solvents
  • Degreasing
  • Lamp oil
  • Agricultural uses
  • Freezing point depressant
  • Ideal performance in industrial/institutional cleaning
  • Paint
  • Coating

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