White Oil 350 Viscosity – 55 Gallon Drum

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White Oil 350 Viscosity is refined with a high-pressure hydrotreatment and is stabilized with Vitamin E oxidation inhibitors.


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Safety Data Sheet

White oil goes through an extremely high-pressure hydrotreatment refinement process and is stabilized using a Vitamin E oxidation inhibitor. There are four options for viscosity grades, including 70, 90, 220, and 350.


The U.S FDA has set specific regulations, like 21 CFR 172.878, which correspond with white oils, approving them for use in or on food meant for human consumption and for use as part of a nonfood object that encounters food for human consumption. They are classified as kosher, by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America.

These white oils meet the standards of The National Formulary and the US Pharmacopeia. Since these oils are classified as 3H and H1 lubricants, they can be used for direct contact with food, per NSF guidelines, and within food plants, per USDA jurisdiction.


  • Various coatings
    • Fruits/vegetables
    • Defoamers
    • Eggshell spray
    • Baking pans or knives
  • Prevention of rust on food processing machinery/equipment
  • Utilized in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • Lubricant for textile fibers

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